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"Fraudulent Election" is a Redundancy
Bevin Chu
March 1, 2006

Executive Summary: The term "fraudulent election," is a redundancy. All elections are fraudulent, even so-called "free and fair" elections in so-called "advanced" democracies. How so? Champions of liberal democracy assure us that "democratic" elections, as long as the returns reflect the actual votes cast, Elections are a booby prize. pacifier illusion of control reassurance you're the masters we're the servants worse than oligarchy theory elections allow "us" to choose the leaders we want to represent us as long as the process is "free and fair" practice olĄPiĄPgarĄPchy Pronunciation Key (l-ga"rk, l-) n. pl. olĄPiĄPgarĄPchies 1. 1. Government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families. 2. Those making up such a government. 2. A state governed by a few persons. oligarchy n : a political system governed by a few people no ballot theft no ballot stuffing Can anyone imagine a more asinine method of arriving at "public policy" Hell, can anyone imagine anything more asinine than the whole misguided concept of "public policy" in the first place? Policies should be private, not public. I'm referring of course to government elections. Private sector elections are another matter altogether. elections get what people want

anarchy not chaos more accurate to say that democracy institutionalization of Hobbesian jungle war of all against all democratic welfare/warfare state forcible collectivization of individual wealthy into a "pot" then subject to all comers claims more deserving than others instead of myth of democratic peace democracies do not wage wars of aggression against other democracies. obvious flipside of that unctuous formulation is that democracies constantly wage wars of aggression against non-democracies. democracy is a secular religion Tom Wolfe what modern art for secular liberals